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How does My Club Email work?

My Club Email is an email forwarding (or redirection) service. Email received at your My Club Email address is forwarded directly to the email address you specify. For example if your current email address is samuel@gmail.com and you purchase sammy@godees.me, you select your Gmail account as your email forwarding address during setup. Once My Club Email receives an email for your sammy@godees.me address it looks up your forwarding address and sends all the mail directly to your gmail account at samuel@gmail.com. If you subsquently change your internet provider you simply logon to My Club Email and change your Email Forwarding address.

What are the advantages of a My Club Email address?

  • The User has his/her own personalised email address associated with the club.
  • The ability to scan for Virus and Spam well before reaching their email box.
  • The ability to retain the same email address whilst changing Internet Service Provider.
  • Engagement with your club via email regarding one of Team Lists, Coaches report or Captains report (subject to club approval).
  • Business cards and stationery can be printed with the confidence of knowing that your email address is not going to change.
  • Most importantly you as a sports lover are passionate about YOUR club.

Does Email forwarding allow you to mask your true email address?

Yes and No. For all email sent to your My Club Email address, yes this is true. There is no way for the end user to know where the email is forwarded by our servers, only you know that.
However, for your outgoing email even when you use the "send from" and "reply to" options (see guides page) the actual email address you sent your email from will appear in the message headers. Some of this data is hidden by some email programs, some of this detail is not hidden and plainly visible.

Will your information be passed onto a third party?

Your personal information is private and will never be revealed. We will only ever pass on your my club email address to sponsors relevant to you. You may receive emails from merchandising and marketing information that we deem suitable. So for example if your club merchandise goes on sale and you have a birthday coming up you will be one of the first to know so don't miss out!

If I pay online through PayPal is it safe?

PayPal is the world's leading online transaction provider. It enables businesses and users to send and receive electronic monies online. As a My Club Email customer you can use the service to either make a single one off payment using your credit card OR you can open an account which will allow you to make regular payments. PayPal allows the team at My Club Email to keep its expenses to a minimum and pass on the savings to the sporting clubs we support. By automating the process it allows us to process invoices and advise and pay the clubs in a timely manner. PayPal is safer to use than going into a shop to buy goods. Paypal encrypts all financial and personal information when sending between your computer and servers. When the user is registering or logging in to our site, we verify that your internet browser is running Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL) or higher. Whilst in transit the information is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 168 bits (the highest level commercially available). It would take 18 years for all the super computers in the world to decrypt this information. Not really worth the hassle for online thieves! That's why criminals focus their attention on card skimming techniques and not the internet.

Can I still use my current email address?

YES. All emails that are sent to your current email address, no matter what email system you are using will always come into your mailbox. Both email addresses will work side by side in perfect harmony. You won't notice the difference.

Do I need to make any changes to the way I use my current Email program?

NO changes are necessary. As soon as you have registered your new email address with My Club Email, emails will start coming into your current mail box. However, you may like to change the RETURN email address in the settings of your email program so that new emails you send show up as being sent from your NEW My Club Email address as well as when you hit the Reply or Reply to All buttons.
My Club Email has separate how-to guides for the setup of the major email programs. Refer to the relevant guides pages for help with these.

How long does my My Club Email address last?

For free acocounts a My Club Email address will never expire. For premium accounts they will last 1 year. An automated email will be sent to the user 4 weeks prior to the expiration. Another automated email will be sent 10 days after the expiration if the user has not renewed their address. There will be a 3 week grace from the expiration date before My Club Email disables that email address. After 3 months that email address will be available for resale.

What happens if a User creates an inappropriate email address using my sporting clubs Domain name?

If a User is found to have created an email address with profanities or in any way tarnishes the brand of a sporting club that email address will be shut down immediately. The User will be advised that he or she has 1 warning and if found to again breach My Club Email conditions of use, will be banned from using My Club Email for life. My Club Email has at its discretion the power to decide on the matter and if a suitable case is not made the email address will be shut down.

Who is My Club Email?

My Club Email is owned by One Pixel Pty Ltd, an Australian owned and operated company based in Melbourne.

More questions?

If you have a query regarding My Club Email that we haven't been able to answer in our FAQ's then please send them through to info@myclubemail.com.