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Enter your name or nickname which will form the first part of your email address, for instance 'john' in john@yourclub.me

Then search for your team by typing your teams name and then select your club when you see it in the dropdown list that appears.

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Register with some basic details including your existing email address.

You automatically receive a free account or if you would prefer to receive no marketing or advertising then you can choose a premium account.


Finally share your new email address with everyone, including family, friends and businesses.

We'll simply forward all emails to your new My Club Email address to your existing email account.

My Club Email accounts are free for life...

Email Forwarding is similar to the redirection of mail. A My Club Email address is a fun and practical option to show which club you support. You keep your normal email address and we will forward any email sent to your My Club Email address to your current email address. My Club Email works with any email account ie gmail, hotmail or your normal Internet Service Provider. See our O Que É page for more information about our service and how it works.

All Email addresses at My Club Email are free. By accepting a My Club Email address you agree to receive emails from marketing and advertising partners from time to time. Please see our Política de Privacidade

As part of the service we will also send emails from various writers and observers of your favourite nominated sports.

Premium Accounts...

If you do not wish to receive any marketing information, but still want the benefits of having a My Club Email address then you can upgrade your account at any time to a premium account.

A premium account will give you all the benefits of a free My Club Email address but ensure you do not receive any marketing or advertising material.

Premium accounts cost $9.99 per year.

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